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We want to reach, train and equip as many people as possible through teachings, seminars, training schools and much more. We believe this must be at no cost to the communities. So we are grateful to all of you that support and stand together with us in this. Together we can see people transformed, set free and start changing the world around them.. | Click below
You can instantly schedule a gift donation for your convenience that will impact the lives of countless people and bring hope to people by helping us reach the communities that are in need of real change. Click on the link below "Monthly Donation" | or "Scan QR Code"
By Partnering with us through a monthly contribution. Click on "Online Form" below, fill in the form and click on the submit button to send or click on the button to "Make a Donation" and we will then receive your partnering application | Click below



Thank you for partnering with us to shake up the world for Jesus. Your gift will help us reach, train and equip as many people as possible through videos, teachings and outreaches. We are a ministry dedicated to bringing God’s justice into areas through the gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16-17). This is accomplished through unifying and working with the local churches, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, through discipleship, education, as well as meeting physical and emotional needs of individuals and the community. For years, it has been our mission to honor God and help people, and there’s no slowing down now! We are grateful that you’re standing with us to carry out the Kingdom agenda.

Become a Partner: Restore Transform Empower

When you partner with Living Life, the things that seemed so impossible for you suddenly become possible for us. Our passion and God-given mandate are to help people around the world fulfil the call that God has for them to do.

When you support us, you help us support the communities you have been praying about! Have you been calling communities out of the wilderness? Have you been decreeing those sleeping giants to wake up? Have you been praying those mighty warriors through? Well, we found them and we want to add your fire to their flame! 

Maybe you can’t reach Africa, Europe, or even your neighbor next door, but we can! We want to take all of that passion you have for the body of Christ, and we want to pour it out in abundance to those who so desperately need the help!

Your contributions ensure that we will continually provide for those ministry leaders who are facing blockages but don’t know how to break through them. With your support, we are going to blow past those limitations and make their impossible possible!

Your reach can extend and when you become a partner of Living Life, you plant a seed whose fruit will show in communities worldwide! It all starts with you! Become a partner by filling out the form below and let’s reach further than any of us could have before

Your support has a significant impact.

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