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After 16 years of praying for financial miracles, we have seen God do the impossible. Our first years of ministry saw us living on very little. The reality of ministry is this, without finances, we cannot do what’s needed. You cannot pay the phone bills, purchase stock for student manuals or put food on the table.

SO what about those hard questions?

“If God called you to do His work, shouldn’t you be blessed in your finances?”

“If you were in God’s will then He would also pay the bill.”

“God is punishing you through your finances because you are not walking in obedience… “


The accusations are endless…

We cannot tell you how many times we wrestled with God – these same accusations ringing in our head. There were some dark nights when we questioned everything we thought was from God.

One request was always Lord please take care of our families. He was the God who “saw us” and He never allowed us to starve! He always came through.

These tough times challenged our faith, our convictions and what we thought we had heard from God. 

For those of you who started from scratch, as we did, you know what we saying! We did not walk into a fully established ministry. We had to build it from the ground up as a team. So no… we are not going to keep asking God for a miracle for finances!. 

Instead, We are going to ask God for a miracle in YOUR finances!


We want to be the ministry to you that we never had. We had to persevere and trust God and do the groundbreaking stuff you don’t have to. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! God’s word says that we will walk into the labours of others and the prayers of others before us!

We never had anyone to help us, just our faith, hope and trust in God… and a whole lot of Jesus!

So from today, our team are dedicating our hearts, lives and prayers to pray for YOUR FINANCIAL MIRACLE!

For those that are in ministry and those who want to start a ministry, we invite you to write, call or connect with us. Simply say “I’m calling in for a financial miracle” and we will get back to you shortly.

We want to see a miracle in your life. We want to see you break free of the financial hold that satan is using to keep you from moving forward. So let us stand in agreement with you. Let us, as a team stand with you and get revelation on what your financial needs are.




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