Vision and Mission of Our Ministry

Our Vision

We are a Word and Spirit-based ministry which started in 2004, touching people with the Love and Word of God with signs, wonders and miracles following. Our main vision is to see people walk in the Glory of God. We will Evangelise, Affirm, Disciple and Send Out Gods people to build His Kingdom.

Our Mission

As ambassadors of Jesus we will continue to strive to represent Jesus in every area of our lives, in our city and in our nation. We will always strive to be accountable to the people around us – how we treat our team, visitors and guests from the moment they walk partner with us, and how we respond to them when they call, email or write requests or express concerns. We will be the standard Jesus’ expects from us in how we minister to people.

We will always focus on reaching those people that are hurting (i.e. the homeless, poor, those with substance abuse issues, the incarcerated, those who have suffered physical, verbal or emotional abuse, etc). It is our focus to bring the love of Jesus to all those He (Jesus) places on our path

We will strive to be humble and maintain the spirit of love and realness that we’ve had since our inception, at all times giving all credit and glory to God, and Him alone.

We will establish an all-inclusive approach for each person through our ministry – spirit, soul, body and relationally. We will teach and lay down  Biblical foundations to allow Gods people to achieve success in all areas of their lives. We will also make available the necessary classes, group resources and qualified individuals to help each willing member achieve complete improvement.

Our number one goal is and will always be the salvation of the lost locally and abroad. We not only want to point people to Jesus but to show people how to live a life like the disciples did in the book of Acts. While we endeavor to pursue people that are unsaved and lost, we will also focus on people who want to be set free from their mistakes they made,

We will impact South Africa and internationally with our ministry through radio, outreach campaigns, crusades, community development, country-wide events, prayer and intercession, and partnering with local communities and businesses. 

We will establish areas outside of local communities where we can help people rebuild their lives. The hope is to rehabilitate the homeless by laying a strong foundation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will enable them to re-enter their communities as positive contributors to those communities. We want to impact families for Jesus and return them back to their biblical roots through joining lost youth with old aged people and lost adults with street kids who need families.

We will endeavor to empower the youth through our ministry and in communities with the Word of God, with the power of the Holy Spirit and signs wonders following to meet their needs.