Prophetic Word

You Are Called

You’re Called

My child, stir up the gifts within you, which you received by the breath

of the Spirit and the laying on of hands. Now they lie dormant, but they

are not gone. Even though you may be walking through the valley of the

shadow of death, My gifts and calling for you are irrevocable. Therefore

in this season where it seems that black is white and up is down, know

that you are battling the enemy of your soul. At times he causes you to

believe I have lifted My hand off of you, but that is not truth.

I remind you that I do not change and that I am the same yesterday,

today and forever.

Therefore child I encourage you to quit wrestling with yourself and

Myself, and to lower the white flag which you have held up towards the

enemy because of his persistent taunting. For I am about to do a new

thing of which has never entered your imagination, and rain down a fresh

supply of manna to not only sustain you, but to give you revelation on

how to outwit the enemy in this critical hour. I am the Lion of Judah

and I hold the keys to death and Hades, and you are a co-heir with Me

in My inheritance in the saints.

I am leading you out. Trust in Me, and do not go by what you see, for

your circumstances are only temporal. But the kingdom of Heaven is

eternal, so lift your head and allow the King of Glory to come and

strengthen your innermost being. Rise up from the mire and set your

feet upon the Rock where no torrent can knock you down.

Beloved, I am the first born from the dead and behold I am alive

forever more, therefore arise and come out of your cave. Cease from

your running and being downcast with the spirit of fear, for you are

not the only one that is enduring such trials and has kept from

bending his knee to the enemy.

Now do an about face, and come at him in the power and strength of

the Holy Spirit. Cause that devil to wish he had never messed with

one of the Lord’s anointed.

Walk in My holiness and let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.’

Do not allow yourself to be carried about by differing theologies or

points of view, but come up here as on the wings of an eagle and

receive My point of view. I will show it to you clearly, so that you

may walk in all that I have called you to do.