Prophetic Word

To Living Life

To tell those who read it A lot of groundwork
Has been done over the years, With many of the
Founding Members Scratching their heads
And sometimes in tears!

It took many an hour,
In prayer and consultancy, Sometimes it looked like
A railway station,
Everybody coming and going, No one really “knowing”

At last ‘things’ are falling Into place,
At a steady pace.
There is still much to do,
This poem of confirmation to the The first Founding Member,
To help him to know
What to do!

Do not be concerned Rome was not built in a day,
Stick to your regular meetings As you have been doing
Soon the ‘fruits’
Will start showing!

You need more ‘members’ To join the group,
‘Many hands make light work’ Many praying will
Bring you the answers,
It is almost like you need “New dancers”

If you are reading this poem And feel you would like
To join Living Life M We are going places
Of that there is no doubt, We need new faces
To Help with the “Victory Shout” Give us a call
We will help you “Walk Tall”

Received 22h30 .19th August 2019 Ivor Wiid